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About the Show

"The Wacky World of Sal Lizard" is a weekly live, unscripted, and uncensored Internet radio show currently presented through the generosity and support of Robert Szarek of LiveParanormal and HistoryFM. As such, the content of the show may not be suitable for all listeners. No subject is off-topic but everyone has the right to refuse to respond to anything asked. For those who call in and participate, there are "give-aways".

It begins at 9:00 PM and ends by 11:00 PM (Eastern time), every Wednesday and you are encouraged to call in and participate in the "wackiness". Meet and get to know the guests and get some cool stuff! I send out "gifts" to those who call into the show. These items may include DVD's, CD's books, autographs or T-shirts provided by me or my guests. For example, one guest gave me some limited-edition posters to give away while another provided free-tickets to their upcoming event.

Meet the People


Show Host: Sal Lizard

After spending much of my adult life in the world of Information Technologies, I have recently embarked on a new career path as an actor and stand-up comic (My IMDB Page). I have appeared in about 30 film projects, so far. While my primary goal, now, is to become successful as an actor, I still produce and host websites and take on some IT-related work, too. Also, I have started producing independent films under SAG low-budget agreements. I am always looking for new film projects and for investors to help fund those film projects -- call me if you are interested.

Personality-wise, I describe myself a gregarious Renaissance man. I'm a poet and a pirate, a scholar and a scoundrel, a life-long adventurer and a vagabond. I adore women and l am kind and loving to animals. I try to be a "guy's guy" and love to spend time hanging out with friends. I don't smoke, play tennis and raquetball, enjoy working out and am trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

I am an optimist by nature. I am, at times, a fool and at other times a philosopher. I try to be engaging and make those around me smile, whenever possible.

My friends are truly the treasure of my life and I would rather that my friendship be a "blessing" rather than a "blight" for them. I try to meet or talk to a friend, every day. I enjoy getting to know them and believe there are all interesting and a little "wacky".

My Crew

Show Producer: George the Zombie

I got to know George at the Sci-Fi in the Valley Convention in 2012 and we've been good friends since, appearing together at various conventions and events. He is one of the best people that I know.

I might not bave a show if George hadn't offered to help me. George was producing another show, "Monsters and More" which "airs" every Tuesday at 8pm) and offered to produce my show.

Since my first show, George has helped by manning the "switchboard" and screening callers, announcing me at the beginning of the show and by interacting, "on air", with the guests. He also put together the intro and outtro segments used in the show and provides guidence about the web-based console that I use during the show.

George also produces and co-hosts (along with Cy-Fi) a weekly, 1-hour programmed called "Monster & More" here on LiveParanormal and HistoryFM Radio on Thursday nights at 8:00 PM. If you get an opportunity, I would encourage you to check out this show and their interesting guests.

Show Producers:
John and Bea Brugge -- "Team Brugge"

I think that I met John and Bea at the Dead Winter Convention in 2012. Since that time, we have interacted at conventions, on FaceBook and they came to a book-signing while I was in the Cleveland area.

I enjoy their friendship and support and have had them on my show as guests. It was when I announced that I was going to be changing from a bi-weekly to weekly show that Bea offered to help me find and schedule guests. Of course, when I got Bea, I got John! The two always work together and do everything as a team!

As my Guest List Producers, they find the guests, get them scheduled, announce the guests and followup with the guests prior to the show.

John and Bea are also founding members of World Paranormal Investigators, an International group with several teams in the US and and one in the United Kingdom. World Paranormal Investigations was established back in 2004. John and Bea Brugge are the USA Founders and Lisa Beeton & John Wyke are the UK Founders.

The USA Team has an Ohio and Louisiana Chapter, and the UK Team is based in the West Midlands. John and Bea Brugge run the Ohio Chapter, and Steve Blaze runs our Louisiana Chapter. Lisa Beeton and Lorraine Hands run the West Midlands Chapter. This group was started so that 2 countries could come together and share paranormal experiences as well as investigate and research paranormal activity.

Check out their website at


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Special and sincerest "Thanks!"

to Robert Szarek of LiveParanormal and History.FM radio
for providing the means and bandwidth for us to do this show
and to

for granting permission
to use their music for our show.
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