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Everybody can use a little extra cash and I am determined to significantly build my show audience. With those two ideas, I have decided to give $20 to those who register on this website and listen to my weekly show.

Here's my plan: First, I create a mechanism for people to register to win on the website. Then, once I have 100 names in the database, the computer will randomly select one of the listeners on Wednesday morn and will email me that name. That night, I will announce the winner on my show and if you hear your name, you send me an email (using the same email address that you registered with) and claim your prize! And, as I realize that not everyone can listen to the show live, you can listen to the show archive and still win!

Now, I'm not a rich man. As a matter of fact, I do lots of different things to earn money to support my efforts and sometimes fall a little short, myself. But I've learned the value of marketing and generating "buzz". I've also learned the value of networking and am working to integrate both successfully to increase my success.

Sound good? Then register by filling in the form, below, and help me make "The Wacky World of Sal Lizard" even more successful by tuning in and telling your friends!

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The following listeners have each won a pair VIP passes
to one of my future conventions (listed at
Laurie Couture (Mar 23rd) Veronica Moyer (Jun 23rd)
Steven Daugherty (Sep 4th)
Call into the show and you may win a pair, too!

And the following listeners have won a signed poster from Adrienne King!
Sharon Hammonds Vincent Schultz


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