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Name Date Recorded About The Show
Ariana Sylvia 2016-03-09 Mad World
Kindra Sowder 2016-02-24 Author
John E. Thompsett 2015-10-21 Night Risers
Tom Lavery 2015-10-14 GhostCON
William Jason Erskine 2015-10-07 Darkness Pines Haunted Trail
Hugo Soto 2015-09-30 Retro Megacon
Kipp Tribble 2015-09-23 Actor, Producer, Writer
The Ann 2015-09-16 Performance Artist, Hook Suspension, BDSM
Cy-Fi 2015-09-09 Actress/Model, Owner of Blackhearts Clothing, Co-host of Monsters & More
Adam Black 2015-09-02 Artist, Locus Comics
RJ Van Wagner 2015-08-26 Promoter In-CON-Ceivable Aug.28-30th Northampton MA.,Katsucon Smith College MA., Chiller Theatre NJ.
Deb Lantz 2015-08-19 Spiritual Readings
Jason Adams 2015-08-05 Dark Patch Studios
Genoveva Rossi 2015-07-29 Horror film actress, scream queen
Alley Hatchet 2015-07-22 ZTOTV, "Daughters of our Lord", Conventions, Cosplaying
Joe Nardelli 2015-07-08 Troma fictional character
Selene Survival Goddess 2015-07-01 Actress
Ed Swarthout 2015-06-24 Pirates and Wenches
Genoveva Rossi 2015-06-10 Horror film actress, scream queen
Bill Gibson &
Tim Shockey
2015-06-03 Owns Christine, the movie car
Myron Smith &
Mat Smith
2015-05-27 Filmmaker's (Youngblood: Evil Intentions)
Rick Martinez 2015-05-20 Actor, cosplayer
Ashley Sanford 2015-05-06 Top Alcohol Gelish Dragster Driver for the NHRA.
David Moon &
Andy Hopp
2015-04-29 David is an Author Zomosapiens Scales of Justice The Wifes Wicked Weekend Acting LA Film Prize Andy is the Promoter for Oddmall, an Illustrator, Author, Game Designer
Bill Blair 2015-04-22 World Record Holder (Most Special Effect Make-Up Characters Portrayed In A Career), Actor, Make-Up Artist
Angelina Leigh 2015-04-15 Model, Actress
Cragmire 2015-04-08 Member of the Bloody Jug Band.
Marianne Toilet and The Runs 2015-04-01 Musician
Mark Rocco Newbery 2015-03-25 Filmmaker
Jake W. Grimbro 2015-03-25 Shockstock, London Comic Con, Filmmaker
Carly Marie 2015-03-18 Model
Rick Bentsen 2015-03-11 Author of the Blademaster Chronicles Book 1: The Blademaster Book 2: Willowdale
Cindy Parmiter 2015-03-04 Semi Charmed Productions Author,Actress,Writer,Producer "The Axeman of Henderson County"
Larry Parmiter 2015-02-25 Actor,Producer,Director "The Axeman of Henderson County"
Josh Felty 2015-02-18 Fat Guy Animation, animated short feature "Rise of the Mutant Wetlands"
Claude Miles 2015-02-18 Producer/Director, SAG/AFTRA web series "The Mysteries of Science"
RJ Van Wagner 2015-02-11 Promoter In-CON-Ceivable Aug.28-30th Northampton MA.,Katsucon Smith College MA., Chiller Theatre NJ.
Ryan Cunningham 2015-02-04 Z.E.R.O.S (Zombie Eradication & Rescue Operations Squad), The Carnival of Horrors
Jason Hignite 2015-01-28 HorrorHound Weekend March 20-22nd Cincinnati Ohio. Films: Time To Kill, Fuck Murphy (upcoming)
Scott Hamilton 2015-01-14 Hamiltoons Caricature Entertainment
Randi West 2015-01-07 Pro Wrestler, Making Wrestling Gear, The Way Women Are Viewed Compared To Men In The Wrestling Business, The Match Against Vampire Santa Last Year, Winning Queen Of The Deathmatch 2014, IWA Mid-South January 8th Show And The Messy Feud...
Radioactive 2014-12-17 Band
Lace Grainger 2014-12-03 Modeling, Published in Vogue Italia, Dark Beauty, Surreal Beauty and Guiseppina Magazines Worked Horror Convention, character creator
Ian Petrella 2014-11-19 Actor
Rusty Gilligan 2014-11-12 Artist/Owner f Rusty Ink
Chris McCorkindale 2014-11-05
Jeff "Wickedbeard" Cochran 2014-10-29 Horror Impersonator
Bea Brugge 2014-10-29 Author( Killing From Inside ), Photographer, Producer/Host "The Erie Hours with WPI", Founder/President of World Paranormal Investigations
Cherokee Hall 2014-10-15 Actor, Producer... Terror at Crimson Creek (film) project with Jeffrey Reddick (Writer and Producer of the Final Destination Franchise) and a new web series.
Heather E Hutsell 2014-10-08 Authoress and Costume Designer
Angelina Leigh 2014-09-24 Model, Actress
Grim Reaperr Reptiles 2014-09-17 Exotic Animal Handler
Ken Purdie 2014-09-10 Gaming
Teri McMinn 2014-09-03 Actress (Pam) in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre
John Dugan 2014-09-03 Actor (Grandpa Sawyer from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Officer Chapman from The Hospital)
Liz Peavy 2014-08-27 Model, Actress, Fan Film Project and future event hosting in Charlotte
Rick McCallum 2014-08-20 Actor, Stuntman, Hollywood Ghost Hunters
Jamie Pollack 2014-08-13 Director of Operations at Shark Angels, Shark conservation and awareness
Elise Muller &
Allen Carter
2014-08-06 Elise Muller is an Actress Allen Carter is an independent comic artist and writer of Carter Comics
Cleve Hall 2014-07-30 Actor (Monster Man), special effects artist, make-up artist
Mel Novak &
Josh Chaney
2014-07-23 Mel is an Actor, member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in London. Josh is the great nephew of the great Lon Chaney Jr. He is also an actor and owner of California Mad Poppers.
Danielle Spencer &
Joe McQueen
2014-07-16 Danielle is an Actress, Author, Producer, Clothing Designer... Dee Thomas from "What's Happening" new TV Show "All Grown Up" Joe McQueen is an Actor, Dead Kansas, Finishing the Game: The Search for a New Bruce Lee
Julie Ann Ream 2014-07-09 Writer, Producer, top investigator on Unsolved Mysteries, niece of Glenn Strange (Frankenstein after Boris Karloff)
Christina Schimmel 2014-06-25 Actress, movies (Alison Undone, Ghost Is A Lie, The Epidemic, You Found Me)
Tiffany Apan 2014-06-18 Musician (Antiquity), Author (The Birthrite Series, Stories From Colony Drive), Actress (Midnight Massacre, The Downfall of Mr.Difford, Driving Nowhere)
Sebrina Scott 2014-06-11 3 time independent film Best Actress winner for The Audit, Overtime, Remaindered. Currently working on The Old Winter, Piranha Sharks, Intergalactic, and The Rangers
Joanna Shirley 2014-06-04 Bloody Bombshell
Andrea Albin 2014-06-04 Bloody Bombshell
Amanda Marie 2014-05-28 Author (Torii)
Billy Crank 2014-05-21 Actor (Son of Ernest) How he got involved with acting. How he knows John Cherry (Ernest P. Worrell Creator) Do you know Jim Varney's family?
Ed Douglas, Gavin Goszka 2014-05-14 Song writers, musicians, Midnight Syndicate, The Dead Matter, Home Circle Media
John Dugan 2014-05-07 Actor "Grandpa" from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hospital
Serena W. 2014-04-30 Modeling, Porn (life in the business and keeping them different), photography, writing, ghost, and cemetery book
Larry Mainland 2014-04-23 The Walking Dead, The Three Stooges, Level Up
Melanie Robel 2014-04-16 Actress, 3 Thirty Thr33, A Blood Story, Post Mortem America 2021, Technopolis
Eric Morse 2014-04-09 Author Psychotic State: The Novel, Mother's Day, The Mask of Jason Voorhees, Actor Midnight Matinee Psycho
Rebecaa Campbell 2014-04-02 Childhood friend and artist, art and therapy, art and creativity, writer
Mike Holman 2014-03-26 Actor, owner of Phoenix Feather
Charles Bailey 2014-03-19 Filmmaker, Professional Photographer
Bill Levin 2014-03-12 Event organizer, NORML advocate and potential Indiana legislator
Join in as we talk about his new event,
"The Cabin Fever Weekend" in Indianapolis, IN.
Janet Jay 2014-03-05 Janet Decay
Sonya Thompson 2014-02-26 Prosper, Cry for Revenge, Lumber Baron of Jasper County, This Old Machine(Lance Hendrickson, Kevin Sorbo and Dee Wallace are in it), My film that I have written - Into the Zombie, My guide I am Zombie, Hear me Roar, my training video that I hope to get out this year.
Mike Mundy 2014-02-19 OK, zombie fans! Join me tonight on The Wacky World of Sal Lizard when I host my friend and Walking Dead zombie Mike Mundy!, as we talk about our times together at conventions, the Walking Dead and whatever other frivolity comes up.
Linda Smith 2014-02-12 Starfleet
Myron Smith &
Mat Smith
2014-02-05 Filmmaker's (Youngblood: Evil Intentions)
Chuck Parello 2014-01-29 Writer, Director (Ed Gein, The Hillside Strangler)
Lydia Burris 2014-01-22 Artist
Circus Envy 2014-01-15 Actor, costume and make-up designer
Derek Young 2014-01-08 Director, Actor
Derek Young 2013-12-18 Director, Actor
J Larose 2013-12-11 Actor (Saw 3, Insidious, Insidious 2)
Lola Magdalene Scott 2013-12-04 I am an actress and model, I have been published in many different magazines ans have a few new independent movies coming out that I would just love to be able to promote.
Lee Vervoort 2013-11-27 Director
Cragmire 2013-11-20 Member of the Bloody Jug Band.
Ron Young 2013-11-13 Musician "Little Caesar", car restoration, animal rescuer
Jared 2013-11-06 Promoter for The Coast City Comicon
Ryan Francis 2013-10-23 Actor, Producer
Scott Tepperman 2013-10-16 Actor, Ghost Hunters International
Rod Roddenberry 2013-10-09 Son of Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek Creator) and Magel Roddenberry (Star Trek Actor).
Claire 'Fluff' Llewellyn 2013-10-02 Writer, Actress, Owner of Bloody Brit Productions
Patty Greer 2013-09-25 Author, Film Maker (Crop Circles), Musician
Jon Kranz 2013-09-18 Promoter of Freaks N Geeks Convention
Laurie Jacobson 2013-09-11 Author (Hollywood Haunted), Appeared on The History Channel, A&E Network, and E! Entertainment
James V. Johnson 2013-09-04 Owner/Promoter of Scare-A-Cuse Horror Convention.
Daniel Emery Taylor 2013-08-28 Actor, Director, Screenwriter
Beth Fontaine 2013-08-21 Owner of Para Adventures
Jim Decker 2013-08-14 Promoter for Zurko Entertainment's All-Night Flea Market
Addy Miller 2013-08-07 Actress (The Walking Dead, The Secret Life of Bees, Bad Blood: The Hatfields and McCoys)
Michelle Shields 2013-07-31 Actress,model (Post Mortem America 2021, Frankenstein: Day Of The Beast, Mountain Mafia)
Jim O'Rear 2013-07-24 Actor, Director, Film Maker, Screen Writer, Author, Stuntman
Adrienne King 2013-07-17 Actress, Dancer, Painter, Crystal Lake Wines
Shane Trotter &
Dave Harlequin
2013-07-10 Shane is the Convention Chairman of MonsterCon, LLC & Dave is the Program Director for MonsterCon
Robert Conway 2013-07-03 Director, Producer, and Editor of the movie "Sickle" (with Kane Hodder & Tiffany Shepis)
Cassidy Rae 2013-06-26 Mediumship, Paranormal Investigating, and Speaker at Paraunity Events.
Stavros Cockrell 2013-06-19 Actor, Author, Filmmaker and a damned good Fangmaker!
Marv Blauvelt &
Jared Degado
2013-06-12 Actors and Co-Founders of Musclewolf Productions
Alice Roques 2013-06-05 Co-Founder and Managing Editor of RockRevolt Magazine.
Mattie Moyers 2013-05-29 22 y/o Filmmaker and Owner of IMattie Films.
Casey Bassett 2013-05-15 Promoter/Owner of Sci-Fi in the Valley Convention.
John & Bea Brugge 2013-05-01 Co-Founders of World Paranormal Investigators, with teams in the US and England.
Bill Levin 2013-04-17 Event organizer, NORML advocate and potential Indiana legislator
Nicole Kruex 2013-04-03 Gothic model, actor, screenwiter, director, and producer at Triwar Pictures.
Bertena Varney 2013-03-20 Besides being a well-known Sociology Professor of Vampires and an author.
Jan Lewis &
Richard Sloan
2013-03-06 Co-Founder, Lead Investigater, Case Manager for Researchers of Paranormal Mysteries.
Dick Hammer 2013-02-20 Rocker AKA "Dead Dick Hammer"
Sue Dent &
Ron Fitzgerald
2013-02-06 Join Author Sue Dent and Master Ron Fitzgerald as they talk about their individual projects and their relationship.
Cragmire 2013-01-23 Member of the Bloody Jug Band.
David Rhode 2013-01-09 David Rhode is the Co-Founder of Investigating American Haunts.
SG Browne 2012-12-26 Author of "I Saw Zombies Eating Santa Claus" and several other books.
Jonathan Lane 2012-12-12 Friend, fellow member of STARFLEET and the co-author of "Being Santa Claus".
Dave Blaser &
Sean Kenney
2012-11-28 Sean Kenney, Actor (in the original series of Star Trek). Dave Blaser, the current presid(ent of STARFLEET.
Beth Stelter 2012-11-14 Inaugural Show! Beth Stelter, my C0nvention Booking Manager.
Bill Blair 0000-00-00 Actor, Character actor -- Alien actor on Star Trek, Babylon5 ans other shows
Tim Shockey 0000-00-00 Restored The Green Goblin Head from "Maximum Overdrive"


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